“let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences” Sylvia Plath

Wanna Make a Running Log?

Listen. I am not a fast runner these days. When I started running again, I knew I was so slow that I refused to time myself. After a couple of months, though, my curiosity started getting the better of me. So on occasion, on a weekend, when I didn’t have to deal with the jogging…

The Grief Episode

This episode was difficult for me to record. Several times throughout, I had to stop, breathe, and collect myself before resuming. The point is, grief may not have an ending point. I’ve learned that that’s OK. I hope through listening to this episode, you’ll realize that, too. Especially in the Christian community, we have a…


I wonder if everyone’s brain runs
while they run like mine does
rambling thoughts
my brain is a beehive buzzing
or a running reel as I’m running
I wonder…


so I’m running again
and when my feet
hit pavement I turn
and wave at
the fading woman
behind me
she’s there
but barely…

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