a piece

you are a poem
metaphor to mountains
and star-studded skies

white     space     and

but most of the 
an impossible task
to ask
what it is you mean

your mean is the
average of all of
these words
so I dust off the Bible
and add them all up
and divide by the total
each word with a value
and as I decide 
what is one and what's five
I arrive at the
door of the thought
between opening
-- I supposed -- 
or keeping it closed

I open of course
and the door starts to
I curse as the knob turns to
sand in my hand
and I crumple
the floor finds my face

the door explodes 
into fragments
and colors
it's shining
it's blinding
and gone
and it's gone 
and each piece
is dissolving to dust
as the dust floats to floor
with watery eyes I

I look
but it's impossible to
I want you to
on the other side of that door
but before
I said you are
and though I'm
mere mortal
I think I can see
that a poem
means leaving the mean
and not meaning to know
but leaning
and learning
and loving
and so

I look up at mountains
and star-studded skies
white     space      and
and slowly realize
that the space
and the breaks
and the words
and the marks

all combine to show
a small piece of divine
and I pick up my piece
in my hand say a prayer Please
help me find peace
in my place
in this place
you have made
and this piece
may it be something
special to me so
I feel you and see you in

white     space     and
and star-studded skies.

2 thoughts on “a piece

  1. scottygrrl2021 November 29, 2021 / 9:41 pm

    I was once told many years ago, “Go ahead, challenge, question, even doubt God – God can take it.”
    Knowing this comforts me.

    Liked by 1 person

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