Red Weather Christians Podcast

Jen and Steve chat about growing up in the Christian community — and growing out of the Christian community.

Season 1 chronicles their disillusionment and analyzes their commitment to the complicated faith called Christianity.

Season 2 sees Jen and Steve wading through the muddy waters of what it means to be a Christian in modern society — one episode at a time.

This is Red Weather Christians.

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Season 1
If Those Idiots Call Themselves Christians, What Are We?
Sometimes God Moves You. Literally.
Navigating the Missionary Position
Change Versus a Static God
Wanna Make the World Better? Doubt Heaven.
Pantsuit Disillusionment
Church Shopping? Swipe Left.
Spiritual Factory Farm
Is Christianity Pro-Death?
God’s Plan (God’s Plan)
Money Talks, Part 1
Money Talks, Part 2
Dinner Table Topics
The Reveal

Season 2
A Great Awakening
Misplaced Masculinity
Rules — What Are They Good For?
Abortion: Empathy Over Ideals
Sex Ed
Down With the (Christian) Patriarchy!
What Is Love? (and what’s really up with the 5 love languages…)
Homosexuals in the Church! Homosexuals in the Church!
The Grief Episode